Rome – La Storta

Residential, non-residential, flexible

150.000 SUL

Design Phase

The PRG adopted by the Municipality of Rome identifies urban centralities as an innovative tool for the development of new settlements that bring together all the functions. Not only residences but also offices, services, commercial activities and equipped green areas.
The “centralities” represent the main tool for the realization of the reticular multipolar model of the metropolitan territory which is the basis of the forecasts of the new PRG. These “centralities” are characterized by the dual presence of private and public buildings to be integrated with the elaboration of a unitary project proposal.
One of the areas affected by these ‘centralities’ is located in La Storta in the north of the city, along the Via Cassia, for which the construction of approximately 150,000 sq of gross floor area is planned, of which 53,200 sq private and 96,797 sq public on a total land area of ​​676,000 sq.

The new central location mirrored to the FR3 railway station with departures from the Ostiense Station – Piazzale dei Partigiani with regular comfortable rides.
Due to its location in an intermediate position between Rome and Cesano, the new centrality will be able to play, according to the PRG, the role of attracting public and private functions in a completely lacking area. La Storta is still the only centrality already served by railway infrastructures.
Roma Development Srl owns an area of ​​810,000 m2 of which 530,000 m2 inserted in the central area and 280,000 m2 outside. The project expresses the idea according to which the mix and functional integration determine that “ideal city effect”, fundamental for the success of any settlement development intervention.


Surfaces Sul (Square Meters)
Residential sq 46.563
Commercial sq 6.640
Residential sq 84.716
Commercial sq 12.080
TOTAL SUL sq 150.000


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